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"Murdereously difficult passages showcase what pianist Tanchev is made of. Fantastic, with verve and refinement!" 

Die Rheinpfalz

"It is absolutely remarkable to watch how clearly Asen Tanchev grasps the utmost contrasting spirit of the works and bringing it to life on the piano. Despite his youth he proves himself a mature artist, coupling masterfully technical brilliance with subtle depth in his interpretation. Every note shines under his fingers with incredible precision and beauty...Asen Tanchev is definitely one to watch in the music world."

Der Neue Tag, Oberpfalz 

"Rarely one could hear a pianist of such technical brilliance, whose virtuosity is put entirely in the service of musical expression."

Westfällische Nachrichten

"The pianist drew a rich palette of emotions and sound effects, displaying virtuosity and freedom on the piano, pedalling technique and a refined sence of culmination and development of the whole...He [Asen Tanchev] not only portrays the character with his fingers, heart and imagination - he embodies it."

Duma News, Sofia

"As a composer, I can say that I enjoyed enormously working with him as he has the highest artistic moral and dedication and depth of musical thinking, possesses both intelect and intuition and will give himself entirely to bring to the piano keys what is in his mind and heart."

Nimrod Borenstein

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